Did you forget something ?

Forgotten Items can be delivered back to you.

Did you forget something ?

Did you forget something of value to you or your loved ones at one of the Evita Hotels?? Not a problem, we have included a link in the above description of a trusted company throughout Europe that will get your items back to you as soon as possible. The process is quite easy actually, all you do is follow the link to Deliverback and put in the information that is requested from the website which will get a payment detailing your items that will be returned to you.


Before you continue on with the processing of your information please be sure that you have already contacted us regarding the forgotten items. The specific Evita Hotel has to verify that they have found your forgotten items before they can be sent to you through this process. All Evita Hotels are not responsible for any items that may have been lost in, or around any of the Hotel premises while on holiday with us.


It is always a pleasure of ours to find anything that has been lost or forgotten and have it sent back to you. Please make sure that you contact us either through phone or email and give us a description of your lost or forgotten item and we will let you know as soon as possible if we have found your personal items that were left behind. It is always our wish that if other guests are courteous if they have found your items, to return them immediately to the reception desk of the specific Evita Hotel you were residing in while on holiday alongside us.

Don’t forget to send us an email to verify your lost items!!