Your Event means everything to us...

Meetings & Events

At Evita Hotels we know how to Organize and Execute your demanding Event and/or Important Meeting after arriving at our doorsteps. Our selected Areas for your Event are carefully arranged and selected to keep your invited guests a comfortable and relaxing area while preserving the sense of being on holiday alongside them.

Our Trained Staff have been carefully selected to ensure the highest level of professionalism on your behalf. Our welcoming staff, will keep your peace of mind at ease while we take care of the rest of your Event so nothing goes unplanned.

During the summer, outdoor activities at our selected resorts is a true pleasure. Your event will be further enhanced by the mild climate and relaxing atmosphere at the Evita Resorts with ample experience and our various range of products and services which are ideal for great moments for your invited guests to Experience.

If you have any information regarding your planned Meeting and/or Event, please contact us for further information. We will give you a detailed overview of our services being offered at the time of your planned Event. Nothing is to much for us to help guide you and your guests in an event of a lifetime of memories. Trust us to be the gateway of moments that you have been only dreaming of until this very moment.